Hunt Energy Enterprises continues the legacy of Hunt's entrepreneurship in energy by recognizing the opportunities and challenges of today's energy environment. As such, Hunt Energy Enterprises seeks investment opportunities that leverage its operations and knowledge to create new energy companies and partnerships with entrepreneurs in both the conventional petroleum business and cleantech power.


Hunt Energy Enterprises reflects the culture and principles that have made Hunt one of the largest independent energy companies by embracing entrepreneurship, excellence, creativity, integrity, respect and teamwork.

Energy, Power and Investing Competencies

Hunt Energy Enterprises is one of the few companies known for its energy, power and investing practices. It knows the energy and power industries, the regulatory environments, and the industry, government, research and financial communities. Hunt Energy Enterprises aims to be a partner from which entrepreneurs in energy and power can gain resources, relationships and experience for their energy ventures.

Growth and Scale

Hunt knows how to scale projects efficiently, often employing creative operational and financial approaches to manage risk. The company has proven this time and again in the petroleum, LNG, electric power generation and electric delivery businesses.

Contrarian View and Active Risk Management

Hunt Energy Enterprises is entrepreneurial, knows energy and seldom runs with the herd. When Hunt Energy Enterprises invests in new energy companies or partners with other entrepreneurs and other investors, it actively manages to minimize risks and scale effectively. Hunt Energy Enterprises' willingness to adopt new technologies has established a reputation for adaptability to the new and changing dynamics of the 21st century energy business.

Mission Statement

The mission of Hunt Energy Enterprises is to invest in and develop new technology ventures that have the potential to disrupt the energy industry and to develop subsequent profitable business models that create greater value for Hunt.

Core Values

  • Respect
  • Humility
  • Community
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity